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Connected Coaching
Coaching from qualified dietitians with a 360-degree view of your health behaviours.
Connected Tools
Use Glyco App to seamlessly track your health and share with your coaches.
Structured Behaviour Change
Get a personalised and easy-to-follow plan that arms you with the knowledge.
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What is Glyco Leap?

Glyco Leap combines expert human coaching with smart technology so you can reach your health goals faster. From better glucose control to weight loss, we guide you in transforming your life through healthier habits. In a sustainable way, of course. All of this, in one place.

We help you to take the small easy steps that will become a giant leap against diabetes.

Our 6 months program
24 Weeks. 6 Phases. A Better Life.
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Everything you need for success
Personal Coaching
Our dietitians have 360-degree view of your habits and will give you daily, expert guidance and support your throughout your journey.
Inspiring Feedback
Whether you're doing well, or need some extra support and encouragement- you get the right feedback at the right time.
Easy tracking
Get smart health device and connect to your favourite health apps to track progress. Your data is securely shared with your coaches, so they can adjust their feedback based on how you're doing.
Connect the dots
Understanding the relationship between your personal health habits and your condition and make small, positive changes that stick.
What Our Users Say
It's a very good app to help me manage my diabetes. I am more confident of what kind of food is good & the kind of exercises I should be doing more of.


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Testimonial, Katherine, age 38